NEW The QOD Brazilian Blow Dry



The Original Hair Studio has brought in the new, revolutionary hair treatment!




If you are a client who has frizzy / damaged hair on the scale of 1-10, who has to always use the straightening irons after using the hairdryer to create the all important silky, shiny, smooth hair.


This is finally your cure!


The QOD Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Ever wonder why your hair never feels as healthy as it used to, even though you buy endless amounts of treatment products?


Due to colouring, processing and heat damage, your hair is constantly loosing its natural Vitamins and Protein. The primary protein in your hair is KERATIN, this is what hair, skin and nails are made up of and is what QOD is made up of!


It literally feeds pure KERATIN back into your hair.


This treatment is NOT chemical, it is CONDITIONING, therefore will treat ANY type of hair to a healthy future such as coloured, permed, relaxed, straightened, highlighted and bleached hair.


It is aimed mostly to treated, damaged or naturaly frizzy hair. The results last up to two-four months and if you carry on this process, the more KERATIN is repairing your hair to more health, shine and softness.


BEFORE you have - Straight, frizzy hair.

AFTER you have - Straight, smooth, silky hair once dried with the hairdryer.


BEFORE you have - Curly, frizzy hair.

AFTER - Curley, smooth, silky hair once dried with the hairdryer.


Prices range from £150.00 upwards - SEE OUR SEASONAL OFFERS